3 Ways to Increase Your Seating and Storage Space

Published: 12th May 2009
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Having a small kitchen, especially if you have a growing family, can create a challenge when it comes to finding enough seating area for dining or entertaining. Over the years, the kitchen has become the hub of the home for everything from homework to socializing, so it is important to have enough seating for family and friends. Here are a couple of ideas of how to add additional seating to your kitchen without losing countertop or storage space.

Peninsula Bartop - When storage is a concern, this is the easiest way to add additional seating without giving anything up. By creating a peninsula or island in your kitchen, you are additional additional storage space and countertop work surface. This allow creates an open flow in the kitchen into the living room or whatever room is adjacent to your kitchen. Stools or seats can be added to the backside of the island to provide additional seating or eating space (usually 3-4 seats on the typical island).

Bench seating- Most kitchens end up having an alcove or corner where the kitchen table is stuck. This will typically limit the number of people that can sit at the table at an given time. By creating built-in bench seating around the table, you can actually accomplish two things. 1) adding more seating to the table 2) creating some additional storage underneath the benches.

Another idea that I found for a small kitchen was to add a removable island. There are quite a few products on the market that are meant to be mobile work surfaces. These movable islands are perfect for small kitchens, since they can be wheeled away when they are not in use to create the look and feel of a much larger kitchen.

So whether you have a large wide open kitchen, or a small cramped one, there are plenty of ways to increase the amount of storage space and seating area that you have, without reducing your work area.

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