Alternatives to Custom Built Bathroom Vanities

Published: 21st January 2009
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A custom bathroom vanity may sound like a great idea when you are remodeling your bathroom (who doesn't want their bathroom to be truly unique). People usually change their minds right at the point when they find out how much a custom vanity will cost. To find a true craftsman that will hand-make a custom vanity for you, can easily end up costing you thousands. Not to mention the fact, that it could take months for it to be built. If you have plenty of time, and a lot of disposable income, then a custom vanity may still be an option for you (for most homeowners, it is simply out of the question).

While a custom vanity may be out of your price range, there are plenty of semi-custom and stock vanity lines that will give you the look and feel of a custom vanity without the high ticket price. There are plenty of cabinet manufacturers that have picked up on the need for vanities that offer more than just the plain square oak front with particleboard sides. Some of the stock cabinets that are on the market now actually feature hand-carved accents, curved legs, and unique architectural features. While they are not completely hand-made, I can assure you that there are enough styles on the market that none of your neighbors will have the same exact one.

One of the latest trends, which was developed from the custom built cabinet industry, is the built-in furniture look. I have come across several vanity lines on the internet that have the look and feel of built-in furniture rather than a square box in your bathroom. Semi-custom cabinets can provide the old-world look of antique furniture, a modern sleek look, or a more comtemporary art-deco feel.

So if you are getting ready to remodel your bathroom, and you are looking for a unique or custom look, do some research for semi-custom and stock bathroom vanities. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

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