Finding the Best Deals on Building Materials

Published: 24th April 2009
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I have always tried to find the best prices on home remodeling supplies. For years I have traveled to local hardware places and big stores as well. I have nothing against the big chain stores like Home Depot or Lowe's - as long as I am only buying certain supplies at these stores. Same goes for the local, neighborhood stores. Some of these places have good prices and even better customer service and some of them are just plain to expensive.

Take for example my local hardware store. I love the place and wish them well, but the price of a two by four is double of what it will cost you at Home Depot. Now, Home Depot on the other hand is a heartless corporate giant who will take my money and not care at all, but at the same time, their two by four or drywall is priced at a very good rate. So sometimes it is the lesser of two evils and other times it is helping at the local stores and not worrying about prices.

One thing that has struck me as a way to save money and not worry about these previously mentioned issues is by purchasing kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities online. Yes my first question was how? But then I found out about RTA kitchen cabinets and RTA bathroom vanities. RTA stands for ready to assemble and it is a term that is frequently used in the home improvement industry. These cabinets are not flimsy and will not easily fall apart, instead the cabinets are made of solid wood fronts and paneled woods sides. Take note though, some retail stores sell RTA kitchen cabinets with particle board sides. Stay away from these cabinets, particle board gets wet and expands and then falls apart. Where ever you end up buying RTA cabinets, just make sure that the product is made of paneled wood sides and NOT particle board.

So as a landlord I started using RTA kitchen cabinets that I purchased through the internet. I did a Google search for RTA kitchen cabinets, avoided the paid searches at the top of the Google page and then looked through a few of the real searches that come up on the first page. I found some great prices and even better quality. From this I started purchasing all my kitchen cabinets online. It is easy to do, convenient, and the biggest thing that made me switch from retail -- was the price. I am saving about 35% over store bought retail cabinets! It is an unbelievable savings and the cabinets are top quality too.

To this day I am still buying RTA kitchen cabinets and RTA bathroom vanities online. I use these products for all of my rental properties and it is saving me a good amount of money. If you're in the rental business and you want to save money on a renovation, RTA products are the way to go. It does mean that you will be doing a little extra work - by putting the cabinets together, but the assembly is very easy and with the money I saved, it was really no problem at all.

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