Remodeling Your Bathroom for Under $2,000

Published: 12th June 2009
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Bathrooms are generally the same, there are larger ones and small compact bathrooms, but all of them have the same basic pieces. Some might have additions and exotic features but if you start at the basic principle of what a bathroom is, you realize that it starts with some common components.

Most bathrooms have three or four pieces to them. This means the room consists of a tub, toilet, and sink. Or a four piece is a tub, toilet, shower, and sink. Either way when you're renovating a bathroom; there is a good chance you can save one or two of the items -- like the toilet or the tub. By saving these items you obviously save money, but at the same time, you are not sacrificing the look or quality of your bathroom. The reason is that most toilets do not go out of style or become worn out; instead a porcelain toilet can last for decades. (One note on toilets is that the newer toilets are built to save water, hence this saves on your water bill and helps the environment). As for the tub, most bathroom tubs can be cleaned and made to look new. This may take some scrubbing and handwork, but you will be saving hundreds of dollars. So check you toilet and tub and consider saving both of these features.

Next is the bathroom vanity. This item can be costly, especially if you go to an over priced big box store like a Lowe's or Home Depot. These stores will sell you a low quality vanity and you will be receiving a low grade item. Note, that it may look good, but these items are made of particle board and this is something you want to avoid. A particle board is prone to absorbing water and then breaking down; so avoid any products that contain particle board. One exception - you can use particle board for a book shelf or TV stand, but not in the kitchen or bathroom. What is the alternative? RTA bathroom vanities that are made of paneled wood sides (not RTA made from particle board) is the best way to gain a quality bathroom vanity.

Where to find that RTA bathroom vanity is easy. Go online and do an RTA bathroom vanity or RTA kitchen cabinet search, from this you will find better prices than retail and better quality. This is where you can find the way to re-do your bathroom for under $2000. Adding up the savings - RTA bathroom products like vanities, linen closets, tank toppers, and medicine cabinets will save you on average $1100 dollars on your bathroom renovation. We did our entire bathroom (saving the tub and toilet) for $1723). We are completely happy with it and it was very easy for us because we ordered all the items online.

So if you're renovating a bathroom, price out the items you need in RTA style vanities and other bathroom accessories, you will see the savings verse traditional bathroom products. From this you can renovate a bathroom for under $2000.

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