Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets- How To Get The Best Deal

Published: 16th October 2008
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Wholesale kitchen cabinets is a term that is loosely thrown around by local retail stores. These home improvement stores claim to be selling wholesale kitchen cabinets or discounted cabinets at below retail prices. More often than not, these stores have some gimmick behind their prices or the prices are simply not at a wholesale price. So where can you find good prices on kitchen cabinets? As with anything, price is not always the deciding factor. Quality also has to be factored in. The answer is shopping online. Yes, buying wholesale kitchen cabinets or just plain kitchen cabinets is easy, safe, and saves you about thirty five percent over retail stores.

I know you may be thinking why buy online? It seems difficult and you don't get to see the product. Both of these ideas are not true. First, it is easy. Shopping online has become an efficient way to save gas money, save time, and avoid frustration. The better whole sale kitchen cabinet websites will offer you sample doors, so that you can have the product in your hand and feel the quality. Two things when looking for whole sale kitchen cabinets: to save money, make sure they are ready to assemble or RTA kitchen cabinets and make sure the site is a good, reputable kitchen cabinet website.

Let me explain the two things a little more. First RTA kitchen cabinets are the best choice when buying any type of cabinets (including bathroom vanities too). This type of cabinet is very easy to assemble and is always a better price than assembled cabinets. Also good RTA cabinets will have solid wood fronts and paneled wood sides. Avoid particle board. (Stores like Home Depot, Lowe's, and IKEA carry particle board cabinets and charge you outrageous amounts of money to get "upgraded" to paneled sided cabinets). While RTA kitchen cabinets that you buy online will have standard paneled sided cabinets and no particle board. Just make sure the website that you are buying from states that it is selling paneled wood sided cabinets. Wholesale kitchen cabinet sites and RTA kitchen cabinet sites should state this fact clearly.

The second thing to remember is that the website (wholesale kitchen cabinets or RTA kitchen cabinets) is a good quality site. Be careful when searching online and using search engines. Search engines are great tools, but these sites are making money too. They sell the top three or four spots of a search to the highest bidder. Often these sites are not the best wholesale kitchen cabinet websites, the best sites are the ones that you find in the "organic" part of the search. Basically "organic" means the sites that are appearing on a search engine because they are the best sites and deserve to be there; these sites are not paying to be on the first page of a search engine.

So keep these things in mind. Wholessale kitchen cabinets are often disguised and are simply regular cabinets that appear to be marked down. Be careful of what is being advertised and make sure your getting a good deal. Whole sale kitchen cabinets may not be what they seem, instead shop online and you could find the real deal.

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